Collective Stories for a smarter nation

People are the protagonists of a smart city. The three following stories illustrate how French companies and research laboratories could work together and with Singaporean partners to make the life of a pioneer, of a professional and of tourists smarter. Increasingly sophisticated technologies, while remaining invisible for end-users, have the potential to make everyday life easier and richer, as long as they integrate with each other and are backed by resilient ICT and power infrastructure. The solutions mentioned in the stories constitute a sample of the solutions presented and described in the seven chapters below.


An Autonomous and Healthy Pioneer

Working and Learning

A Well-Connected Professional


A Family Visiting Singapore

A project initiated by the French Chamber of Commerce in Singapore, this portfolio showcases 150+ French smart city solutions awaiting to be pioneered, implemented, and exported with Singapore.

Our solutions cover the seven sectors identified by the Economic Development Board for smart cities. They address priorities outlined in the Sustainable Singapore Blueprint 2015 and in Singapore’s Smart Nation initiative piloted by the Smart Nation Programme Office. Being a smart city is to find intelligent solutions to common urban problems. The “smartness” does not always lie in the technology itself but in the way it is implemented in space and time. This sectorial presentation reveals that citizens can actively benefit from new services mostly based on the existing infrastructure, thanks to two major components: a new physical layer made of sensors embedded in existing infrastructure and which collect data flowing through broadband networks and analysed in real-time by powerful software; and a dominant business model, the sharing economy, which transforms fixed costs into variable costs for the end-user. This combination increases the quality of life without building new infrastructure or consuming land and resources: the decoupling strategy is what makes smart cities, ultimately, sustainable.

French Solutions across 7 Sectors

Better Planned and Integrated Cities • Green and Energy-Efficient Buildings • Smart Urban Mobility • Safe and Secure Cities • Digital Networks • Energy Networks • Environmental Networks