The city is a complex living system with a high degree of inertia. In order for a smart city not to become rapidly outdated, any technological improvement needs to anticipate major trends and take citizens’ aspirations into account, while keeping the “soul” of the city. French advanced simulation and engineering solutions help make the urban fabric adaptive and resilient, and to ease decision-making in the framework of Singapore’s long-term vision.








3D Data and Modelling



Integrated decision-making modelling tools to allow long-term sustainable planning based on different scenarii such as technology change.



Modelling and optimisation of urban or industrial infrastructure, taking into account the different layers of the cities (water, waste, cooling/heating networks and grid) as a global entity to define optimal solutions for customers.



3D sustainable city simulator at different scales (territory, city, building) that displays appropriate technical solutions resulting from a systemic diagnosis related to eco-mobility, local energy mix, construction, and urban ecosystems. This solution comes along with a large expertise in urban master planning.



3D city digital data based on satellite imagery with 1 meter resolution covering more than 700 cities in the world (e.g. in Asia: Korea, Japan, Indonesia, Thailand) and over 400 sq km in Singapore (equivalent to 80% of urban land).


3D Visualisation

The three following solutions are complementary: Techviz’s software can integrate Dassault Systèmes’ platform, and 3D content can be displayed with depth on Alioscopy’s screens.



The 3DEXPERIENCity Platform: a cloud-based platform that provides analytics (dashboard) on holistic urban city model to experience the insights of the 3D city model in terms of traffic, noise, disaster management (e.g. flood simulation), security, transportation and other factors affecting day-to-day city life; it enables a collaborative approach between townships, businesses, and citizens.



3D applications software that displays virtual prototypes and stereoscopic views of city plan (scale 1:1) in real time, directly from the desktop 3D application without any data conversion and any limitation for resolution, size, and shape.



Glass-free 3D display for real-time applications, including latest generation 4K (ultra HD) display for a comfortable multi-viewer experience.

The set of auto-stereoscopic software development kits allows visualisation with depth, providing an immediate sense of perspective and proportion to data and visualisation tools.


Consulting & Training



“My city by Egis”: consulting and design engineering to create new towns or regenerate the existing urban fabric with specific expertise on mixed urban programs, end-to-end mobility, landscape design, geotechnics for underground structures, and urban ecology.

Urban planning is not only about planning way ahead, but also about looking closely at social equality and liveability, in particular by giving back space to citizens (e.g. pedestrian space, green corridors).



Training and consulting services to help companies and agencies to master the complexity of their transformation and technological projects, including master plans for smart cities, through on-the-job training programs and system expertise based on world-class Enterprise and Systems Architecture methods. Organisation of the annual international Complex Systems Design and Management conference, held in Paris since 2010 and in Singapore since 2014 on smart cities and smart nation.



  • Mixed-use development in Myanmar

Egis designed the master plan for the New Yankin Business District in Yangon, a 70 acre district to live, work, stay, and play in a burmese style.




  • Virtual Singapore

National Research Foundation will deploy Dassault’s 3DEXPERIENCity Platform to develop a realistic and integrated 3D model of Singapore to be used by citizens, businesses, government and research community to develop tools and services that address the complex challenges Singapore faces.




  • 3D planning in India

The Indian construction multinational Larsen & Toubro is using TechViz’s 3D visualisation software to develop its infrastructure planning in virtual reality (e.g. airport and road construction).






Urban Management Platforms and Networks



Cit’Ease: a collaborative software for real-time and global city management. The system gathers and offers a panoramic view, combining a wide range of data on energy, water, waste, transport, security, living conditions and urban services performance. Through an end-user interface, local authorities interact with citizens and receive feedback.



Control tower to manage urban services remotely. Providing a 360° view of the city, the solution enables national and local authorities to optimise intervention scheduling, to manage crisis or Environmental disasters (decision-making, impact control), and to improve the operational efficiency of all urban services.



Layered architecture for a holistic approach on smart cities, based on a converged services infrastructure or an end-to-end communication network solution. It enables multiple public agencies to operate on a single ultra-broadband network, eliminating duplications, reducing costs (leased fiber) and enhancing safety. It supports high-speed smart city applications for real-time analytics, data access and collaboration (e.g. CCTV, social media, traffic monitoring). It also brings network elasticity to data centres through Software Defined Networks capabilities and offers a M2M platform that can benefit multiple smart city applications.



FeelEgis: a crowd sourcing application that enables residents to rate urban comfort based on pre-defined indicators related to noise, smell, pollution, wind, and light at a given time and location; these open data may produce useful statistics for urban strategies.


Smart Lighting Systems



Portfolio of high performance products and innovative system solutions that enable remote activation and dimming control of lamps for energy saving. Smart sensor nodes embedded in lighting system also enable new services like traffic monitoring, weather station and improved security.



Operation and maintenance of public lighting and tunnel equipment for cars and pedestrians in Singapore. Street lighting systems are energy efficient and adaptive to the customer’s requirements.



Streetlight management system that increases light levels while saving energy through innovative technologies and partnerships, and that integrates the lighting system in the global security management.



  • French simulation platform to support decision-making

Since 2013 EDF, with the participation of Veolia, collaborates with the Housing and Development Board (HDB), with support from the Economic Development Board (EDB), to develop a computer-based complex system modelling tool that simulates built environments. Delivered to HDB in 2015, the decision-making tool will fi rst be used in Jurong and Punggol to shape a good quality living environment for residents.

Th is virtual testing platform is useful for town planners in land scarce Singapore as it reduces the risk of physical trial and error. For example, the computer model can simulate new urban solutions to drive energy efficiency, waste management, water recycling, rainwater collection, and thermal comfort (reduction of heat island eff ect). HDB can also test out housing typologies and determine how best to site the new flats to optimise wind flow, or how best to orientate buildings to maximise solar gains for the solar panels on the rooftops. Besides modelling hardware initiatives, understanding the behaviour of the residents is another important aspect of the project.

The implementation of the project relies on a research collaboration agreement between HDB, EDF and Veolia and on two subcontractors: EDF and Veolia provide energy and environmental models, Computamaps 3D data of buildings (roofshape and inclination) and Dassault Systèmes the 3D visualisation system. The continuous improvement of the tool by EDF will associate local universities.