We deliver building projects that contribute to a sustainable living environment, ensure well-being for users and allow them to get involved in energy management. In Singapore, 50% of all electricity is consumed by buildings, in particular malls, offices, and hotels. The amount of new building construction as a percentage of all buildings in Singapore is typically less than 5% per year according to Singapore’s Building & Construction Authority. To meet Singapore’s target of greening at least 80% of Singapore’s buildings by 2030, we provide strong know-how in upgrading existing buildings for increased energy efficiency, taking into account technical constraints, the character of the buildings, and the need to reduce the use of raw materials.









Project Management


  • Contractor Work: Design, Construction or Renovation, Maintenance, and Financing of All Kinds of Buildings



Callisto: a completely virtual room in which clients can visualise the rooms of their future buildings in 3D and down to the smallest details.



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Specific know-how in re-using the existing urban fabric:

– To adapt the building to its new use: foundation strengthening to hold more weight and/or adding of basement levels, with Bachy-Soletanche branch.

– To perform a deep update of buildings regarding environmental standards, accessibility, urban renewal, and radical use shift (e.g. electric production facility turned into a cinematographic centre): repair and strengthening of superstructures, with Foreva solutions by Freyssinet branch; complex project management and expertise integration with numerous partners (urbanists, planners, architects, prescribers, end-users, cost controllers).


Sustainable Design and Modelling



GREEN___GLOBAL_CONSULTINGDesign performed by environmental sustainable design consultants in the areas of building physics, sustainable building engineering and energy. Consulting services for internationally recognised building rating schemes such as BCA Green Mark in Singapore.



VINCIBuilding information modelling (BIM) simulates in 3D all information about the building and its lifecycle (design/build/operation), using integrated tools. BIM enables the building team to share data, to coordinate parties (architects, designers, materials providers and builders) from the very beginning of the project, to get economies of scale and time savings. BIM is one fundament of a global re-thinking of the whole construction process for exceptional projects as well as all-day buildings.

In particular, Vinci Construction’s “Primmea” programme aims at providing 30%-cheaper housing by taking advantage of BIM to partner with developers, sellers, and partners.



Daylight and glare analysis; computational fluid dynamics to optimise natural ventilation and human comfort; energy modelling; solar modelling and shadow analysis to confirm the efficiency of building shapes and shading devices.



Advanced 3D modelling to incorporate large spans, complex forms, lightweight, fl exible, tensile, and arch-shaped structures.


Energy Efficiency



Design, consultancy and project implementation (one-stop solution) to install new systems with up to 20% energy savings compared to conventional solutions or previous systems:

Detailed energy audits performed as an accredited Energy Services Company (ESCO) in Singapore;

Energy performance contracting (EPC) performed as an accredited EPC company in Singapore: design, operation and maintenance of new equipment for an agreed period; by including the operation into the design model, owners have clear information on the building cost and the monthly bills are based on the savings shared with Cofely.



Set of cost-efficient closed loop solutions at the building scale for a better management of energy consumption (methanisation, wastewater network based heating system, waste recovery).



End-to-end energy management services that address the whole energy efficiency ecosystem for smart homes, buildings, neighbourhoods, and cities. Services are based on three pillars: consulting to set targets and develop improvement strategies; transformation by supporting teams in the development and use of energy analytical tools to deliver financial gains from 10% in year one in traditional buildings to 30%; managed services such as procurement, invoice processing, multi-dimensional reporting, and records of consumption.



  • Consulting for an energy-efficient warehouse in Singapore Green & Global Consulting conducted a study for the green warehouse of SDV Logistics (42,000 m2, 4 levels), aiming at ensuring the comfort of people and the integrity of stored cosmetics products while reducing energy consumption.


  • Renovation of the Swissotel Merchant Court in Singapore Cofely conducted the initial energy audit and issued technical recommendations to optimise the chiller plant (1.7 GWh of electricity saved per year) and hot water system (200 MWh of electricity saved per year) of this hotel, which is certified Green Mark Platinum and was selected for the International Green Building Conference 2014.


  • Rehabilitation of the Boulevard Macdonald warehouse in Paris (below) Vinci Construction turned the former biggest building in Paris (550m long, 70m wide) into 15 diversified programs of private and public housing, retail, office, business incubator, schools with as much respect to the existing frame as possible. This project illustrates the capacity of Paris to transform itself while maintaining its heritage and soul.








Building Management Systems



Performance Manager: an all-in-one product for monitoring, maintaining, and measuring the performance of installations. The assets of the installation are being monitored in real time.



SmartStruxure: a single user-friendly interface built on open protocols, which monitors and controls heating, ventilating, and air conditioning, lighting, access control and other critical building systems. It can be accessed anytime and anywhere via web and mobile devices with up to 30% energy reduction.



Energy management systems that can interface with Delta Dore and many other brand devices. The software are “GreenMark ready” and allow full data compliancy with BCA GreenMark standard. The solution offers a holistic approach to energy as all trades and utilities are concerned (chiller plant, solar panel monitoring, metering strategy, etc). A user-friendly tabletbased interface allows to manage, control and monitor the full installation.



Range of solutions for smarter building management. For example powerline communications products enable to connect existing wiring to smart systems in the building; intelligent programmable lighting solutions optimise lighting management according to external lighting conditions and room occupancy.



Smart energy management platform that gathers data in real time, floor by floor, office by office, recording energy production and consumption by type of use and making adjustments. It offers a threefold analysis encompassing habits, comfort, and the weather. It integrates and secures consumption, renewable forms of production, storage capacity and demand response capability. This solution builds on Steria’s energy-positive Green Office® facilities in France.




PowerZ: an application that optimises the operation of the University Campus of Nanyang Technological University, using end-users feedback and public awareness to involve students in the reduction of energy and water consumption. Through the phone game, the energy management and monitoring system collects feedback from the 2,000 students and teachers. It is part of the 2020 challenge of NTU to cut its energy and water consumption by 35% by 2020.



  • Singapore Sports Hub

In June 2014 Singapore celebrated the opening of the Singapore Sports Hub, Asia’s first integrated sports, leisure, entertainment and lifestyle destination, located on a 35-hectare waterfront site. At the heart of the SGD 1.3 billion Sports Hub is the new National Stadium, a 55,000 seat sports venue certified BCA Green Mark Gold Plus.

The Singapore Sports Hub is a Public-Private-Partnership project where Dragages Singapore was responsible for the design and construction work for the complex. The project was entirely developed with Building Information Modelling (BIM) technology. Digital modelling made it possible to anticipate changes requested by the architects and the customer as the project progressed. For instance, it helped to design an elegant and effective solution for incorporating the enormous block of reinforced concrete, essential for supporting the huge arches forming part of the roof.

Dragages Singapore called on ten French small businesses specialists. In particular, Delta Dore developed a unique bowl cooling system, where cool air of 23° C is pumped from underneath all seats, using less than 15% of the energy required for similar conventional air-conditioned stadiums. Placed end-to-end, the pipes that carry the chilled water would stretch all the way round a marathon course. Delta Dore also designed and built the fully integrated software and hardware solution to control all building and energy services. The company now controls and monitors more than 6,500 devices, regardless of the brands and communication open protocols.




Residential Energy Management Systems


ALSTOMIntegrated solution for smart homes that combines home-based smart energy gateways and cloud-based energy services such as energy saving monitoring, remote energy home control, and demand response.

Residential customers are able to understand, measure, control their consumption, and improve their energy efficiency with intuitive and personalised tools. This solution is jointly commercialised with the French SME IJENKO.


SCHNEIDERWiser: a wireless two-module residential energy management system. The energy awareness module allows to visualise global and main loads, to estimate electricity bill, to compare to prior periods and to track every appliance. The comfort module provides temperature control room by room and enables demand management.


STMICROELECTRONICS_ASIA_PACIFICSmart metering solutions that optimise energy management, based on dynamic energy tariff s related to peak-time and real-time power consumption, resulting in energy saving for the user. The portfolio includes solutions for applications where high computation performance is required, such as consumer Home Area Networks.


SUEZSmart meters and IoT technologies that enable residents to monitor their water and energy consumption on their mobile devices.

For the asset manager, the solution includes an environmental dashboard (KPIs, data analytics and energy purchasing tools).


SAFT_BATTERIES_PTE_LTDIntensium® Home: home compact lithium-ion battery (535 mm width, 700 mm height, 520 mm depth, 85 kg) associated with a residential or office energy management system, to store solar energy and make it available when needed, thus maximising self-consumption and ensuring non-stop energy supply.