Our Vision

OurVisionIn a city-state where the Prime Minister is a mathematician whose hobby is to write C++ Sudoku solvers and to share the code on social networks, it is no surprise that the ambition is to become a “smart nation”. This initiative reinforces Singapore’s position as a major financial, transport, and communications hub, successfully competing with other world cities for resources, talents, and knowledge.


Interdependent world cities are the key units of today’s globalised world. The double trend of globalisation and urbanisation drives innovation needs for cities including in developed countries like France and Singapore.


Such innovation goes beyond a country’s administrative boundaries. By leveraging the government’s institutional support such as Franco-Singaporean ties, underscored by the 2012 Joint Declaration on a Strategic Partnership, the French business community aims to forge more effective global collaboration in urban innovations.


This is why the French Chamber of Commerce in Singapore established a dynamic cluster of around 50 large and small companies and two research partners, with the support of Vivapolis, the French export brand on sustainable cities. Our goal is to address Singapore governmental agencies’ priorities and challenges with an open and inclusive innovation approach, calling for all talents to imagine new technologies and business models that put the well-being of people first. Beyond the technological challenge, developing smart cities is a matter of will and entrepreneurial culture. We believe that our public-private partnership will be mutually beneficial in generating knowledge, drive, and creativity in Singapore and for Singapore.


Looking further ahead, we are ready to work with Singapore to stretch its influence on urban innovations across the region and the world. Before considering adding “smart layers”, developing smart cities in Asia involves basic infrastructure development to address opportunities and threats associated with rapid urbanisation. From Chandigarh, the first planned city of independent India designed by the French architect Le Corbusier, to Amaravati, the new capital city of Andhra Pradesh, whose master plan will be created by Singapore, we believe that smart planning based on worldwide expertise will be a decisive factor to develop 100 smart cities in India. A partnership at the regional level will make it possible to influence Asian cities in a way that is economically efficient, socially inclusive, and sustainable, taking into account the larger ecological
footprint of urban growth.


To achieve this vision, we offer strong know-how on proven solutions in all city segments as well as early-stage innovations developed in partnership with Singapore. Our solutions integrate seamlessly with a track record of collective adventures in Singapore, France, and abroad, where we helped cities plan ahead, react in real time, and decrease resource usage. Among us, several companies act as integrators to shape consolidated solutions. Like a smart and sustainable city that needs to integrate various systems, our shared technical and business language ensures smooth management between teaming partners when it comes to implementation.


We are enthusiastic about the prospect of engaging in a structured discussion with Singapore agencies to collectively envision novel solutions that ensure the happiness and wellbeing of tomorrow’s citizens. In particular, we are willing to bring in some of the ingredients of the French “savoir-vivre”, which makes our cities elegant, charming, culturally rich, and so pleasant to live in. Back home, French companies are pushed towards sustainability and stakeholders’ consultation. We strongly believe that those are key drivers of the French touch. We also have a strong double culture of engineering and service, engaging clients to develop solutions that integrate cutting-edge technologies, aesthetics, and social interactions.


This portfolio showcases 150+ solutions awaiting to be pioneered, implemented, and exported with Singapore. Three stories illustrate how a sample of these solutions could address smart nation priorities in Singapore, from an end-user perspective. The seven chapters thereafter describe each solution individually and demonstrate how they can integrate with each other, from a technological perspective. This portfolio is meant as a basis for discussion with Singapore to step up our collaboration by sharing and learning from each other.